Hi! My name is Haley Harrison and I am a 21 year old college student studying Elementary Education at West Virginia State University. Being able to connect with children has always been a natural trait for me which is a huge blessing.

Before I started student observations and teaching minor lessons, I thought I knew everything I needed to know about kids… Boy was I wrong! You never know what those little squirts are going to say or do, which makes the work so rewarding. I always say that I’m the one doing all the learning, not the students. I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to be part of Putnam Princess Parties and to engage in a closer and more “magical” level with children. Looking at a child knowing you’re the reason for the smile on their face for just those few minutes is the biggest reward anyone can ask for… Especially for me. I mean who wouldn’t want to make a child’s day by being their favorite princess?