Ultimate Party Packages

Sit back and enjoy the memories being made as we bring┬áspecialized themes, multiple characters and fantastic games and activities to your little one’s celebration.

Ultimate Frozen Party Package- Snow Queen, Ice Princess, Enchanted Snowman, Ice Harvester & the Evil Prince- $750

This 90 minute party has no shortage of things to do with your favorite chilly characters! The Snow Queen will enchant everyone with a magical song and afterward the Ice Princess and Evil Prince will charm you with a duet (but the Ice Harvester may step in). Afterwards, the Enchanted Snowman will lead guests in a special snowman jig before enjoying cake and presents with guests. All characters will also bring yummy treats for everyone to make their own edible snowman. The Snow Queen and her sister will give beautiful makeovers to all in attendance before they conduct their royal coronation ceremony. In the meantime, the Ice Harvester hands out goodie bags. But before the party is over, the Snow Queen will make actual snow so everyone can take a little bit of her freezing power home to their own kingdom.

Extreme Villain Extravaganza- Cruella, Dark Fairy, Evil Queen, Queen of Hearts, Sea Witch, Queen of Hearts, Evil Prince- $700

This 90 minute party may be more than you bargained for. These villains are wild but they bring the fun! You’ll have to help the Wicked Stepsisters find Cinderella’s lost slipper (but don’t let them try it on). As the Evil Queen gives makeovers to make each guest look like the fairest of them all, the Sea Witch will lead a special wicked song for all the poor, unfortunate souls at the party. She will then show guests how to play “capture the villain” with the Evil Prince and Dark Fairy as victims. The Queen of Hearts will also, begrudgingly, help everyone make their own crown. Before another special song, the Dark Fairy will add magic pixie dust to all in a royal villainous coronation ceremony as the Cruella hands out goodie bags. Villains will also join party guests for cake, presents and pictures. (Pick 4 villains and special activities for $450)

Mermaid Beach Bash- Little Mermaid, Sparkle, Flower, Mystery & Rainbow- $500

The Putnam Princess Mermaidens will bring the extra splash of fun you need to make your next pool party one to remember! The mermaids will make their way to the pool for a one hour party and lead everyone in two special songs. They will also bring along several pool games and compete in relay races before bringing out coronation jewels to make everyone honorary mermaids. The mermaids will enjoy cake, presents and pictures as well. (Mermaid Makeovers and goodie bags can also be added to make this a 90 minute party for $650)

Once Upon a Time Party- Cinderella, Prince Charming, Wicked Stepsisters, Fairy Godmother- $500

For one hour you have some of the most classic fairy tale characters at your disposal! When Cinderella arrives, guests will have to help her find her missing slipper in a magical scavenger hunt. Once it’s found, she and Prince Charming will teach guests a special ballroom dance and lead a song. But beware of the party crashing wicked stepsisters! They will want to give everyone royal ball makeovers (look out, they go heavy on the makeup). But the Fairy Godmother will be there to help clean up any mess as she helps lead a special song and conducts a royal coronation ceremony. Characters will also stay for cake, presents and pictures. (Upgrade to a 90 minute visit with goodie bags for $600)

Mad Tea Party- Alice, Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatter &White Rabbit- $400

Enjoy this one hour specialized party package for the most wondrous of party go-ers! This includes a special song, edible teacup making with Alice, card tricks courtesy of the mad hatter, crown making with the Queen of Hearts and a special bunny dance with the White Rabbit. The characters will also conduct a special coronation ceremony and stay to enjoy cake (as they teach proper etiquette), presents and pictures!

Proper British Tea Party- Mary Poppins, Alice and Ella- $350

This one hour tea party is proper but fun! As Mary explains proper tea time etiquette, Alice will pass out our special tea and cookies for everyone before she shows how to make edible teacups! Ella will then serenade guests with a beautiful song before she teaches them proper princess stylings in a royal coronation ceremony. These three British beauties will also join guests for cake, presents and pictures, but not before a practically perfect spoonful of sugar relay race!

Let’s Hear it For the Boys- Ice Harvester, Prince Charming, Aladdin, Captain Jack- $350

These manly men bring just the right amount of testosterone to their one hour party. As Aladdin has guests write down their magic wishes to put in his lamp, Prince Charming asks guests to assist him in a scavenger hunt to find Cinderella’s missing slipper. The Ice Harvester takes guests through his special sledding approved obstacle course, but not before Captain Jack shows everyone how to talk like a pirate while hoisting the sails (a colorful parachute). These guys will join you for cake, presents and pictures before they make you a knight of the royal court in a special ceremony. (The Evil Prince can also be added for an additional $50)

Villain/Princess Duo Parties- 1 hour- $250

Two of your favorite characters bring a dose of the good and the bad to your party with a special song, game, craft, royal coronation jewels, and a gift for the special child! Both will also stay for cake, gifts and pictures.
Choose from: Little Mermaid/Sea Witch, Ice Princess or Snow Queen/Evil Prince, Sleeping Beauty/Dark Fairy, Cinderella/Drizella or Anastasia, Alice/Queen of Hearts, Snow White/Evil Queen

villain5 villain2 villain1 villain3

Fairytale Couple Parties- 1 hour- $250

Two of your favorite characters bring that special something to your party with a special song, game, craft, royal coronation jewels, and a gift for the special child! Both will also stay for cake, gifts and pictures.
Choose from: Arabian Princess/Aladdin, Cinderella/Prince Charming, Ice Princess/Ice Harvester or Evil Prince, Alice/Mad Hatter, Little Mermaid/Prince

couple1 couple3 couple4

Package Information

  • ** Indicates number of children may apply to possible additional fees (each party package is designed for 10 children)
  • 15 minute princess packages can only be booked for ONE character. To have multiple princesses at your party, you must book at least a half hour party package.
  • Feel free to ask questions and customize your package in age appropriate ways
  • Facepainting can be added to any party for $125 ($150 if wanting waterproof paint)
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